Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another view on El Rocio Pilgrimage

As I was having a look to get more information about the most famous procession in Spain, I found out there were two associations related to it, too far from this country. The first one came from California, U.S.A. It was called Brotherhood of The Americas of our Lady Rocío. The other group came from Adelaide, South Australia. Although the former could be regarded as an extension of Latin-American tradition, the latter turned to be one of the pioneers to create a website dedicated to El Rocio. Surprisingly, this international association has a parallel pilgrimage in down under!
No matter how far they are, devotion has no boundaries.

More information:
El Rocío:
in California-

in Adelaide-


Split Bean Coffee said...

IT was the wish of the late Pope JPII that all the world be "Rocieros" This is the labor of love of The Brotherhood of The Americas of Our Lady of Rocio. To bring the devotion of Our Lady of Rocio to all the world.

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

Thanks for posting this piece of news. I'd love to keep the contact with your brotherhood as this year I've met many Rocieros who have explained to me their feeling and traditions. I'm sure you also celebrate the devotion to Our Lady and I'd like to know how it goes there.