Sunday, May 9, 2010

Europe's Day

Listen to the European Union National Anthem, The Ode to Joy, by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Surf the net and find more information about this famous composer.

Have a look to the Official website and find out:

  • the number of languages spoken
  • the flags of the member countries
  • their capitals
  • the name of the inhabitants of each country
  • the European Council composition
  • their rulers' names

The 27 member states which compose the European Union are those mentioned below. Can you locate them on a blank map?

1-Austria 2-Belgium 3-Bulgaria 4-Cyprus 5-Czech Republic (the) 6-Denmark 7-Estonia 8-Finland 9-France 10-Germany 11-Greece 12-Hungary 13-Ireland 14-Italy 15-Latvia 16-Lithuania 17-Luxembourg 18-Malta 19-Netherlands (the) 20-Poland 21-Portugal 22-Romania 23-Slovakia 24-Slovenia 25-Spain 26-Sweden 27-United Kingdom (the)


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