Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eid Mubarak

The feast of the Slaughter of the Lamb (in Arabic, Aïd el Kebir) is a very ancient celebration for Muslims. It is very popular in African countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria or Senegal, but it is also spread throughout other Asian and Oceanian countries.The origin of this festivity dates back to biblical legends and to Coranic scriptures.
It all began the day Ibrahim offered Ismael up, his first-son born from Agar, his first wife, to Allah as a proof of his endless love. However, his lord's mightiness replaced  Ismael with a great white lamb taken from paradise, forgiving Ibrahim his sacrifice and thereby, allowing the Arab people's preservation through the shape of a sheep. Since then, Muslims celebrate this feast of the lamb on the tenth day of the month of dihija, which comes seventy days after Ramadan festivity. This year these celebrations are taking place on 16th. November.
Source: taken from the magazine Derechos para todos.

Answer the following questions:
a-Where is the feast of the lamb celebrated? Find more countries apart from those ones mentioned in the text.
b-What does the sheep represent?
c-Who do Allah, Ibrahim and Ismael stand for in the Judeo-Christian tradition?
d-What does Eid Mubarak mean?
e-Do you know any special recipe for this festivity? Write it down with its ingredients and its making.

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