Sunday, April 3, 2011

Making predictions

Do you think future is written in the stars? Do the features related to your zodiac sign fit into your own personality? What about your Chinese sign? Has it foreseen any event in your life?
Read your horoscope thoroughly and write your own opinion using the first conditional and the future simple tense.

AQUARIUS (Independent, critical, inflexible and rebellious).
Something you have taken for granted may no longer be an option. Make life easier for yourself.

PISCES (Creative, emotional, kind and intuitive).
Take care with a sensitive soul or you could put your foot in it. Check arrangements you have made for the weekend.

ARIES (Active, straightforward, energetic, honest and aggressive).
Don't let the risk of failure hold you back. Just be yourself and enjoy whatever comes along.
TAURUS (Possessive, loyal, inflexible and strong).There is something you are dying to ask someone, why don't you try to make a phone call? Do it and it will lift a weight from your mind.

GEMINI (Intellectual, flexible, optimistic and volatile).Make a list of your best points, now do you see why someone is so fond of you? Let them back into your life before they give up.

CANCER (Perfectionist, over-sensitive, secretive and emotional). Try to see the funny side this week. Be more flexible and don't expect perfection.

LEO (Generous, caring, arrogant and self-centred).Spring cleans your mind and gets rid of the clutter. This weekend will bring a happy memory.

VIRGO (Observant, organized and shrewd). Talk to other people, they share your hopes and concerns. What you need is a bit more security.

LIBRA (Understanding, diplomatic and charming). Other people seem to have all the luck. Count your blessings. Make friendships stronger by more regular contact.

SCORPIO (Jealous, courageous, determinant and possessive).The easiest way forward is not always the best. Like chess, making the wrong can set you back.

SAGITTARIUS (Innovative, practical, optimistic and generous). More effort and your prospects will change dramatically. Give more of your time and less of your cash. Relax at the weekend.

CAPRICORN (Introvert, reserved, patient and spontaneous).Just sitting around is not an option. Get together with a friend and bring a sense of ridiculousness to get rid of an old problem.



cristian said...

virgo:I think it has to do with my personality and my character, a little.

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

Hi! I'm afraid I must remind you the deadline was 8th. April. All answers should have been submitted by that date.

DarKScoRpioN said...

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