Friday, March 2, 2012

Linking devices

Hi, there! Some of you have asked about connectors in English. I'm afraid there are plenty of them to make the final list, but we may get an overall idea about their usage if we pay attention to these clarifying examples. I hope they'll come in handy.

To express TIME we use the following linkers (Conjunctions):
When I saw the time, I realized I was late.
After I had a shower, I got dressed. (Tras/después de...). That's different from Later, Then, Afterwards, which are adverbs. They are mostly separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma .
As/While I was having a shower, I thought about my interview.
Before I went to work, I read the mail.
Once I'd seen the bills to pay, I left the house.

To express REASON:
I went to live in London because I wanted to learn English.
As it was getting late, we decided it was time to leave.
Since he had very little money, James decided he should look for work.
We had to stop playing because of the bad weather.
Due to the economic situation, fewer people are taking holidays this year.

To express CONTRAST:
Although there was a general strike, most people managed to get to work.
There was a general strike, but most people managed to get to work.
Our task became more and more demanding. However/Nevertheless, we carried on.
We enjoyed our picnic despite/in spite of the rain.
Despite/in spite of being raining, we enjoyed our picnic./ Despite/in spite of the fact that it was raining, we enjoyed our picnic.

To express RESULT:
It was raining, so we went home.
The play was so boring that I fell asleep.
He worked hard all his life. As a result, he amassed a fortune.
I was ill. Therefore/Consequently, I stayed in bed. (More formal).

To express PURPOSE:
I went to Italy to/ in order to/ so as to learn Italian.
Sheila left for work early so that she could avoid the rush hour.
Source: New Headway. OUP.

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