Monday, June 11, 2012

My name is Jack...Union Jack

Hi, there! Have you ever wondered why the British flag has that blue, red and white pattern? The Union Jack, as it's known, is the national flag of the UK. It's a combination of the cross of St. George, the cross of St. Andrews and the cross of St. Patrick. This explanation might not be very clear to you so I've looked for a video on youtube. It's so short it won't take too much time to watch. I hope you'll find it useful.


NicoakaD_SC2_Coaching said...

Hey, Nick here. I´ve been browsing my PC and I have some kind of a diary about the first day in England. It is like 1k words of me ranting about sh*t, do you have any interest in reading it? At least it is fun ^^. I will upload it somewhere and link it. You choose if you want to read it or not, there is a disclamer at the top :3
PS: Here is the link

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

Thank you for the invitation, but I'd rather turn it down. Good try, haha =P