Monday, September 28, 2009

Master Vices

"We meet vices by chance. They visit us as guests. In the end, they stay as masters". Confucius.

Every Friday night, streets tremble with fear for what is coming upon them. What could be regarded as a fashion, going on a drinking binge, is becoming a habit among more and more teenagers.
It seems to be the case that the comsumption of alcohol has increased in the last five years. As alcoholic drinks are quite espensive, younsters are used to going shopping to buy them at the cheapest price. These days, young people start drinking alcohol as early as age twelve. Moreover, once they go out with their friends, they are more likely to be influenced by what they may think about them. Then, they obsess with showing off, and they end up getting addicted to some stimulant to get rid of their restraint.
In the same way, it is very common to meet a lot of people drinking on the sidewalks. The problems appear when they get to extremes. At weekends, as many as three teenagers in five admit to drinking for the sake of it. Their aim is to be on a high quickly to behave in a more outgoing manner. Behind this behaviour we can find a lack of self-esteem or other psychological disorder. However they reassure they can't do without alcohol. In the long term, they become dependent on it, but who is to blame for this chaotic situation?
If parents feel uneasy, the neighbours of the areas where these teenagers spend their evenings are even angrier with those who leave the ravages of the weekend on their streets. In fact, many neighbours also complain about the disturbances they produce. This unrest has gone to such an extent that authorities have forbidden drinking on the street in many countries. This measure has not been welcome among younger population either. We hope we will amend the situation and find solutions to this social phenomenon.

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