Saturday, October 10, 2009

A wink at Canadian traditions

As it's next in time, I'd like to take the chance to remember one of the most significant festivities in Canada from this blog, Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is held on the second Monday of October in Canada to celebrate the close of the harvest season.
The Canadian Thanksgiving Day came about because of a combination of traditions. Before the first Europeans arrived in North America, the farmers in Europe held celebrations at harvest time. The farm workers filled a curved goat's horn with fruit and grain to give thanks for their harvest having been a good one. This horn was called Horn of Plenty, and the farmers who arrived in Canada to start a new life took this tradition with them.
In Newfoundland, in 1578, the English navigator Martin Frobisher held a ceremony to thank their survival after the long journey.
Since then, Thanksgiving is the best occasion to share with the family and the beloved ones the joy of being grateful to life. In Canada, there is not an exception!! Canadians are welcoming hosts and they enjoy this date with plenty of food; you can also try one of them following this delicious traditional recipe. Bon appétit!

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