Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stupeur et tremblements

This is the title from a novel by Belgium writer, Amélie Nothomb. I really enjoyed its reading. The narrator tells how misunderstandings and misinterpretations can damage human relationships. In this very case, the main character arrives in Japan and she discovers a new culture and a huge gap in communication. But the writer uses her irony and sense of humour to face these setbacks. This is the case I'm going to tell you about.
The setting is not so far! Yesterday I was informed about a person who has a blog.Then, I had a look on its news. At first, it was interesting because she had posted her own working experiences, I think. However, what surprised me most was I found two entries which came from my blog...Was it a coincidence? Lack of new ideas? I don't hope so! Then, what is the point of creating a blog if you don't share your likes, experiences and emotions? I like reading my friends' entries, comment on them and, why not, get new viewpoints for my own ones. But, this is NOT a question of quantity, I mean, to increase the scoreboard of visitors to your blog. We want to use this resource to improve something, define that something yourself. I do it to help people learn English. I try my best. But I don't use other authors' contents pretending they are mine. At least, quote the sources. Be original and don't let your followers down. Their astonishment can be bigger than Nothomb's heroine and their disappointment even worse. Get the message!

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Marisa García said...

I completely agree with you, Rosa, and I have written a similar post in my blog. Stop plagiarism!