Sunday, January 23, 2011


Have you ever thought about the frequency you do the housework? Do you help at home? Is your bedroom the most suitable soil for dust mites to thrive in? Are you also aware of the relevance of your personal care? Have a look to the photo on the right. Do you know what they exactly are?

What about cleaning to start? Dead skin cells, mattresses, blankets and carpets are their commonest habitat. The more there are, the sooner allergies and other illnesses come up.

Therefore, I give you this handy list for the brainstorming activity. Make questions and answer them using the adverbs of frequency you've learnt. Write full answers.

How often do you ....
  • hoover the carpet?
  • change your sheets?
  • dust your furniture?
  • clean the floor?
  • do the washing?
  • air your room?
  • have a shower?
  • change your underwear?
  • use deodorant?
Afterwards, build up sentences following the instructions given on this poster. Start like this: I look my best when I...

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