Monday, January 3, 2011

Tales to remember

Hello, there!!!! I haven't written a line since last year yet. L.O.L. Okay, I'll go straight to the point. Ready? Let's start!
Spending a time surfing the net has its reward in the end. In fact, I've just found this tale written by the Grimm Brothers which is so up-to-date because of Disney's latest film Tangled and its forthcoming launch in Spain . Honestly, I didn't remember the story like that, but I've found out this handy Indian website,, where we can find lots of titles in several languages. Among its resources, it provides us with these talking books so useful for English learners. Finally, I must confess I love cartoons, so I've added the trailer of the above mentioned film. Just for fun. I hope you enjoy both!


Marius said...

On topic:Hello professor, I saw this trailer on the BG television and die from laughing, it's so funny. I'm thinking of watching the movie, but I'm not sure yet(But I'll probably will).Off topic: You said that your gonna put a music player but I still don't see it, what happened? If you don't know how, make a registration on skype and I can explain you how to do It (BTW, I'm not sure if there is a player on blogspot, thought, but I'll look for it some time). C.U. Off topic 2: The "L.O.L." thing, you don't have to put the dots, it's just "LOL" (Laught Out Loud). C U

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

About the skype,you'll have to give me a hand. The LOL thing is OK both ways. Just the right moment to explain it. Thanks for your comments anyway.

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

By the by, I found it! It's on the LISTEN TO THE RADIO gadget. Just try and have a look. =)