Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reading-2nd ESO. Group B

Hi to everyone! As I promised I've found the perfect activity for your "break" time. It's an optional activity, but it always scores =)
I'm sure you'll love it. Choose only ONE of them. Have fun and remember...

1-Abbey's daily routine is very busy, but she hasn't got too healthy habits. Continue her story, suggesting new ones.

Abbey gets up at 7:00 am, feeds the dog, and

has cereal and a glass of juice for breakfast.
She walks to school with her friend, Julia.
She has a package of chips for a morning
snack. She drinks some water from the water fountain,
and she has a chicken and lettuce sandwich with
a banana for lunch. She likes playing soccer
with her friends at lunch and morning break
time. She walks home with Julia and there she has some
crackers with cheese and fruit juice for
afternoon snack and she plays with the dog for a
while. She plays computer games for an hour
or two before dinner. Later, she has a shower and she
does her homework. She watches her favourite
television show for an hour; then she usually goes
to bed at about 9:30 pm.

2-Create your own comic strip and share it with all of us. The topic is "daily routine".This is an optional activity. Do you accept the challenge? If so, please click on this link and follow the steps. Then, print it and hand it in.  The deadline will be due 24th October.

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