Friday, July 31, 2009

Campus Party 2009, Valencia, Spain

Who could imagine under this peaceful photograph there are over 6000 people hooked on their computers, as shown on the picture below?

When I decided to create this blog, one of my aims was to improve my Computing skills, which are poorly indeed. I am interested in new technologies as they are the most attractive way to approach to my students, mainly when the subjects are more arduous. I try my best, but I often need an extra help to prevent from any occassional accident...and on that score, once I started surfing the net this morning, I found this amazing piece of news I wanted to share with everyone. This has been the case of the opening of the Campus Party 2009, at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Can it be real? Yes, it is! During seven frenzied days (27th.July-2nd.August), 12/13 hours a day, over 6000 people from all over the world are participating in all kind of activities related to Computing and its uses on Science, Medicine and everyday tasks. By this time, I am staggered!

This Campus Party is divided into 4 sections:
  • Science
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Digital leisure
Each section has its own workshops, special activities, lectures and competitions, so it's a bit complicated to take part in all of them as they overlap in time.
If you are interested (you'll have likely become my hero by now), here's a selection.
You can't miss:
-Show on Overclockers (Modding) from Germany, Latvia and Spain.
-The Robotics workshop and competition.
-Lecture about Medicine on Space.
-Desarrollador_es Prizes, with Paulina Bozek (Singstar's creator).
-Getting started into Arduino.
-Challenges CP Labs.
-You are the star! (Online series created by Campus' participants.
-Hip-Hop, Cooking Soul workshop.
-Lecture on new techniques of animation and a director on the net by Rodrigo Blaas and Nacho Vigalondo.
-Ping Pong Photo competition.
Digital Leisure:
-Getting started into simulation.
-Workshop: How to build a flight deck to pilot from home.
-Traffic controllers in action. PC and PSP official competitions.
So, if you love Computing, why don't you take part in this party? The only thing you need is your computer and your camping equipment to spend several days with people who enjoy the same as you do. Ooopss! I almost forgot! If you know or even best, learn how to change a logo from a blog, please, post it to me!!! I'll be delighted to face the challenge.

For more information:
(Sorry, it's in Spanish).

Campus Party 2009, Official Webpage

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