Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A view on Gibraltar

Today, a historical event is taking place in The Rock. The Spanish Foreign Secretary, Miguel Angel Moratinos is crossing the gate to meet his counterpart, David Miliband, and Gibraltar Minister, Peter Caruana, on the Third Forum for the Dialogue between the British and the Spanish government. This is the first time in 300 years a Spanish Foreign Secretary steps Gibraltar's land.
The main aim of this meeting is to reach new cooperative measures to benefit its population, the Llanitos, putting aside the discussion on the colony's sovereignty,ceded to the United Kingdom after the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), and the controversy about its surrounding waters.
The agreements expected to be reached are on maritime and environmental cooperation, apart from a joint fight against organized crime gangs and a shared use of the airport. The idea is to avoid sea disputes when dealing with environmental disasters, such as the dumping of fuel on the sea. The closest accidents, New Flame's (2007) and Fedra's (2008) are still in their memory.
We hope this forum approaches both countries for a common welfare. Let's see what happens.

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