Friday, July 10, 2009

Tales from the World

As I'm very fond of reading, any time I have the chance, I will suggest the titles I've most enjoyed. I also want to share my collection of tales with all of you. I will be publishing them little by little. The following one is a traditional Iranian tale. I hope you like it!

Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon
It's fashionable to argue, both in the media and our surroundings.But, is all this controversy worth the trouble?
In a farm where different animals lived together, an argument broke out foolishly. The dog said to the rooster: "What a romantic night the Moon offered us with his silvery beams over the plain!". "I prefer the light of the Sun: it's warmer and more pleasant and besides, it doesn't make me say silly things", answered the rooster with his beak held high.
The dog, offended, began to insult the rooster and there was such a hullabaloo that the cat, the sheep and the horse joined in. There were shouts and shoves. Everyone wanted to give their opinion about who was more important, the Sun or the Moon. But the Sun, who was watching this ridiculous sight, wanted to give them a lesson and hid behind some mountains. Night came in the middle of the day and the animals, who had not seen anything like this, were so frightened that they began to blame each other. They wanted someone to end the argument and then...
The Moon told them the Sun was very angry and that he would never appear again unless they shut up. The animals listened to the Moon carefully and went to bed. Next morning, the sun beams lit up the meadow. The animals, delighted, had a big party and never argued again.
We all have the right to give our opinion, but calmly, not by force.

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